Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Garage Door Threshold Issues And Repairs

by Billy Olson

If you have finally sprung for that new garage door, then you may be looking forward to using it. If the door seems to spring back up immediately once you close it, then this is obviously a sign of malfunction. However, do not panic just yet. Keep reading to understand why this issue is happening and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is The Garage Door Opening?

If your garage door hits the concrete threshold and opens up again, then there is a chance that debris is causing this to happen. Sweep underneath the garage door to remove pebbles, rocks, and other debris and then try the door again. If it is still opens, then this issue is likely caused by a limit range issue. 

When a garage door is first installed, the installation professional will set the garage door to a certain level. This basically informs the opener how far the door should close or open before stopping. If the garage door is set to close too far, then it will hit the ground and open back up again. This is an anti-crush feature of the door where it opens if it hits an object. 

So, to fix the problem and to make sure the door works properly, you need to reset the door limit setting. 

How Do You Change The Setting?

If you want to change the limit setting, then you can do this on your own. However, you should keep in mind that it is wise not to change the open setting if the door seems to open all the way. If you do, then the door may move too far back and hit the rear part of the track stopper. 

Start by looking at the garage door motor for adjustment knobs. The knobs are typically labeled as limit adjustment knobs or screws. The screws will be labeled for up and down movements. You want to adjust the down movement knob, and you want to twist it to an up position. This means the garage door will not close as far.

If your knobs are not labeled, then look in your manual to see which one you should adjust and also which way the adjustment should be made. 

You will need to adjust the knob a little bit at a time to get the limit correct. Start by twisting the knob one-quarter rotation. This should set the limit so the door remains several inches from the threshold. Slowly adjust the knob and test the door until the rubber seal on the bottom of the door sits on the ground.