Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Weatherproofing Options For Garage Doors

by Billy Olson

If you intend to keep the cold, wind, heat and sometimes wet out of your home, it is a good idea to weatherproof your garage door. Basically, the intention of weatherproofing is to protect your door from water damage and, of course, prevent water from entering your garage. The thawing and refreezing actions during winter can significantly damage your door and shorten its lifespan. It also does not look too good and will throw off the appearance of your house. Below are three options for weatherproofing your door. 


Insulating your garage door is very important. It keeps out the cold and heat. It can actually save you money on your heating bill in the winter. Insulation kits are available in two types of material: foam board and Batt. The foams are precut for some garage door panel sizes and the Batt insulation works better for fixing cracks. They are easy to install on your own so long as you follow the instructions. If you are not too handy, you may want to contact a garage door repair professional to assist you with the project.


Repairs come in all types. They include paint jobs, replacing the weather strips, staining and repairing the damages to the door. Repairing the door ensures that the insulation you choose will hold. Painting means that you will have to sand the door and use a primer. The primer acts as a sealer and the door gets a layer of protection. Staining is more suited for fiberglass doors and it too provides a layer of protection. If the weatherstrip rubber under the door looks worn or allows air in, it should be replaced. If you do not have a weather strip, you should have one installed as it keeps the elements out.


Sealing all gaps is very important. The last thing you want is to leave any open spaces to invite the wind into your garage. Once the door is shut, you can inspect the door for any small gaps or airways. This can be a tedious task so you may need some help to do it. A good way to test for gaps is to use a piece of paper around the edges. Chances are that if the paper can fit, then air and water can come in too. If you have any problems closing the gaps then you can call a garage door repair company to help with broken garage door repair.