Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Maintaining Your Hangar Door

by Billy Olson

Having access to an enclosed hangar allows you to protect your plane from the elements when the aircraft is not in use. Most hangars are accessed via an overhead door system that relies on hydraulic power to open and close properly.

Taking the time to perform routine maintenance on your hangar door will ensure that you are able to access your plane safely and easily in the future. Here are three tips that you can use to more successfully maintain your hangar door over time.

1. Monitor hydraulic fluid levels.

In order for your hangar door to open and close properly, it needs adequate levels of hydraulic fluid. This fluid plays a key role in helping to generate the pressure needed for hydraulic components to function correctly.

You should be taking the the time regularly check hydraulic fluid levels in your hangar door's mechanical system. You should also make it a point to replace the hydraulic fluid in your door regularly to ensure its freshness and ability to lubricate your door's hydraulic system remains intact.

2. Inspect hydraulic lines.

If you notice that you are having to top off hydraulic fluid levels more often than usual, it's time to check the hydraulic lines within your hangar door for leaks. These lines are typically made of flexible rubber materials that can become damaged over time.

Conduct a visual inspection of the hydraulic lines and check for wet spots that could indicate a leak. You can also feel along the length of the hydraulic lines servicing your hangar door to check for cracks or holes that might not be easily spotted. Repair or replace a leaking hydraulic line as quickly as possible to ensure the safety and functionality of your hangar door.

3. Check the integrity of your door's welds.

When it comes to preventing potential injuries while your hangar door is in use, it's important that you take the time to check the integrity of the welds holding your door's frame together.

Inspect weld seams carefully to check for signs of buckling or cracks that could weaken the structural integrity of your door. Weak welds should be repaired quickly to ensure your hangar door can open and close without the risk of serious injury.

When you take the time to maintain your hangar door, you ensure that you are able to safely and easily access your plane at all times. Be sure to check hydraulic fluid levels regularly, inspect for hydraulic leaks, and check for weak welds when maintaining your hydraulic hangar door in the future.