Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Choosing The Right Material For Your Overhead Garage Door

by Billy Olson

Overhead garage door replacement is often an overlooked home upgrade. That is, when homeowners think about updating the exterior style of the property, they usually think about changing the windows, door, or the paint color of their walls. However, when you update your garage doors, you change a huge style element on your house. On many homes, the garage is one of the most prevalent features because it is closest to the curb. Garage door placement is always a smart investment and it has a number of great benefits. This article explains what you should look for when shopping for garage doors.

Choosing Good Panel Materials

The most important thing you need to consider when buying a new garage door is the material of the panels. Different materials are not only going to have different prices, they are also going to have varying insulation and maintenance needs. For instance, a material like vinyl is going to be very easy to maintain, but it usually won't have great insulation. You can find vinyl products that have extra insulation on the inside. Or, you can add your own insulation to the inside of your panels after they are installed. Vinyl is great for people who just want a plain, solid-colored garage door.

Hardwood Panels

If you want a slightly more stylish garage material, hardwood panels are another great choice. It is important to realize that most modern hardwood panels actually have vinyl backing. That is, the majority of this panel is made out of vinyl. Only a veneer of hardwood is used to on the front of the panel. Even though the hardwood is just a small part of the actual panel construction, it is still exposed to the elements and therefore vulnerable to water and termite damage.

So, owning hardwood panels is going to require more maintenance than any of the other products. You will need to restain and refinish hardwood once or twice every decade. However, this is also great opportunity to change the color of your garage doors. With wood, you have more freedom of style because you can alter the finish and give your garage door completely new look. Many people also like wood because they can find a product that has the same stain finish as the wooden trim around their house. For instance, you can have matching doors, rooflines, and garages panels.

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