Recognizing Garage Door Issues

5 Signs It May Be Time For Garage Door Repairs Or Replacement

by Billy Olson

If your garage door has been acting funny or if it won't even work at all, you may be questioning if it's time to get it repaired or replaced. While garage door issues may be stressing you out, it's actually quite easy to make proper repairs with help from a professional contractor. Using a garage door company is recommended for the best and safest results. Keep reading to better understand the warning signs that may point to the need for garage door repair or replacement.

You're Hearing Strange Noises

Strange noises are usually not a good sign. If you start to hear excessive loud noises that don't go away, it may be a sign that a part is broken or that something is knocked out of place. A garage door repair professional can quickly determine what needs to be fixed to stop the noise from happening. 

The Door Won't Open or Close

If your door won't open at all or won't close all the way, it's time to get help. Something may be blocking the sensor, a spring may be broken, or the door may be off of the track. All of these problems can be sorted out with help from a pro. You don't ever want to force a door open or cause more problems, so it's best to call for help first.

The Door Has a Delayed or Rough Opening

Are you noticing a delay as the door opens or closes, or is the opening rough? This is another sign of needed repairs. This can be a sensor issue or may be a sign that the door is slightly off track. Be sure to contact a pro to fix this issue quickly. 

Your Energy Bills Are High

If you have an older model of a garage door, it may not be sealed properly. This can let out a lot of air and, in turn, waste energy, making your energy bill climb. If you want to lower your energy bills, it's best to contact a garage door repair professional to replace your door. This can also keep your home safer because newer models have more safety and locking features in place to prevent break-ins. 

It's always best to get professional help with any home repair needs. If you suspect issues with your garage door, contact a garage door repair company so that you can get a quick fix and get back to your normal routine. A professional can replace parts or can install a brand new garage door so that you can continue using your garage door normally.