Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Signs Your Garage Door's Springs Are Going Bad

by Billy Olson

If you have started having problems with opening and closing your garage door, you may think that there could be a problem with the tracks or the door itself. However, the culprits causing the issue may be the garage door's springs. Look for the following signs that the springs are going bad.

Show Visual Evidence of Corrosion

One of the first signs you should look for when determining whether your garage door's springs are failing is visual evidence of corrosion. Especially if your garage is not climate controlled, the metal of the springs is exposed to constant moisture.

Over time, rust starts to eat away at the metal, weakening the structural integrity of the springs. If you see rust forming on the springs, the metal has likely become stiff and brittle, resulting in decreased flexibility and increased difficulty moving as your garage door moves.

Produce Loud Noises When the Door Is Moving

Along with visual signs of failure, you may have also noticed loud noises whenever your garage door is opening or closing. If the springs have become affected by moisture and rust, they may creak or crack whenever they are forced to move.

However, loud noises can also be produced by a misaligned track or bowing of the garage door itself. When your garage door starts making loud noises, a professional should inspect it to find the actual cause of the sounds.

Fail a Simple Strength Test

Another sign that your garage door's springs are going bad is when they fail a simple strength test. Even if the springs show no signs of corrosion, they can still become weak from being stretched over and over again for years.

To perform this strength test, release the lock on the door, and lift the door open manually until it is approximately halfway up. Then, step back a little to protect your feet, and release the door.

If the garage door stays up, the springs still have some strength left in them that allows them to keep the door from falling. However, if the door slowly slides or drops down immediately, the springs are no longer strong enough to support the weight of the door.

If the springs on your garage door are exhibiting any of the above signs, they are most likely going bad. To be sure, contact a residential garage door repair service to have a professional inspect the springs, as well as the rest of your garage door, so that the necessary repairs or replacements can be made.