Recognizing Garage Door Issues

How to Know When Your Garage Door Requires Mechanical Repairs

by Billy Olson

Spotting cosmetic damage to your garage door can be a very easy task. Spotting the need for mechanical repairs on the other hand may not always be so simple, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Thankfully, this article can help to change all that by educating you on some of the signs that you should be watching for.

Door Not Closing All The Way

Nowadays almost all garage doors are equipped with sensors to prevent them from closing if someone or something is under the door. Unfortunately, these sensors can experience mechanical issues just like any other part of your garage door system. If your garage door is failing to close all the way, there is a good chance that this safety sensor is to blame for the problems that you are experiencing. Rather than manually overriding the sensor and closing the door yourself, you should contact a garage door repair contractor to have the sensor repaired or replaced. This will ensure that your garage door resumes proper operation, as well as ensuring that you are still able to enjoy the important safety features associated with this sensor working properly.

Door Struggling To Open 

No matter what style or material you have chosen for your garage door, you can be sure that your door is actually quite heavy. Consequently, if the mechanics used to help hold the weight of this door are in need of repair, you can expect to experience issues with the door struggling to open. These issues may be minor at first. Perhaps you will notice that your door simply takes a few seconds longer to open. This issue will typically get more pronounced as the damage to your door becomes more severe. 

If you have noticed that your door is struggling to open, the problem could be with your automatic garage door opener, or with the springs that hold and control the weight of your door. Both of these issues will need to be addressed by a professional repair contractor in order to ensure your ability to safely continue the use of your garage door.

Door Is Off Balance

Your garage door system uses symmetrical parts in order to ensure the door remains level both during the opening and closing process. If the parts on one side of the door begin to get worn down or are damaged in some way, you will notice that the door is no longer level while opening or closing. This typically points to an issue with your garage door springs and should be addressed by a professional garage door repair contractor right away.