Recognizing Garage Door Issues

Repairing Issues With Your Home's Garage Door System

by Billy Olson

Garage door malfunctions and damages can be very disruptive issues that can make it more difficult to access this area of your home. Whenever your garage door encounters performance issues, you will want to have the knowledge to be able to respond to these matters promptly.

Panels That No Longer Fit Together Correctly 

The garage door itself will be composed of several panels that can interlock together when the door is lowered. These panels can be surprisingly vulnerable to suffering damage. More specifically, they may warp so that they do not fit together correctly. Once this occurs, there may be gaps in the door that will be able to allow drafts to form or that may even prevent the door from closing all the way. Replacing the panels that have suffered this damage will be the most reliable repair solution, and it is one that should be completed quickly.

A Spring That Is Weakening Or Damaged

The torsion spring is a primary component of the garage door system. This spring is able to offer important assistance as the motor raises and lowers the door. When the spring starts to fail, the garage door may no longer be able to raise or you may find that it is starting to slam into the ground when it is closed. Replacing this spring can be an effective way of restoring the functionality of the garage doors. However, working on this spring can be somewhat hazardous due to the intense pressure that it is under. This pressure can result in the spring potentially coming loose and striking individuals that are in the area with enough force to cause serious injuries. Due to this danger, a professional garage door repair service should always be hired when you are suspecting that the spring needs to be replaced.

Alignment Problems

A garage door will have a large number of moving components that will need to be kept in alignment. Failing to align these components can contribute to the unit suffering extensive damage. Over time, the components of the garage door opener can start to experience alignment problems that can reduce its effectiveness and even contribute to damaging stresses. These alignment issues may cause the opener to shake and rattle while it is in operation. If your unit is exhibiting these performance issues, a professional garage door repair contractor can be retained to repair these issues before they are able to contribute to a catastrophic failure of the opener.

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