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Reasons To Install A Garage Door Opener

by Billy Olson

Garage door openers help raise or lower your garage door, allowing for easy access and exit. However, some vehicle owners prefer manual doors that don't require an opener. So, why should you consider garage door opener installation? Here are the top reasons. 

Flexible Lock System and Drive Options

Garage entryways may have lock systems that require you to open them using a key. However, you may easily misplace your keys, preventing you from entering or leaving your garage. A garage door opener installation may come with new keyless lock technologies like keypads outside your door. Moreover, if memorizing keypad codes is challenging, you can get an opener that detects your fingerprint or voice for easier operation. 

Also, garage openers provide numerous belt drive options. For instance, chain drives can lift heavy doors, but they may be noisier. In contrast, belt drives ensure quieter garage door operations. The lock-and-drive variety allows you to select the perfect garage entrance opener for your needs.


Garage door openers also provide top-notch security features, unlike manual garage doors. For instance, your garage door opener installation may require rolling codes, which change when you press your opener's control. This limits access to your vehicle's storage by intruders.

Furthermore, you can disable your garage door's remote controls. This allows you to open your garage manually from the inside. Such features improve your garage's security by limiting access from the outside. Additionally, your garage opener may have automatic alarm systems that warn you when intruders compromise your garage entryway.


Garage door openers usually come with remote controls that allow you to raise or close your garage door remotely. Hence, you can control your garage door from various locations, like your vehicle, using devices including computers and cell phones. This ensures convenience as you don't have to leave your comfort zone to raise or lower your garage door. Additionally, garage door openers come with numerous digital controls, including motion sensors, temperature controls, and preset lockdown times.


Garage doors without an opener usually have limited controls, increasing the risks of injury. Fortunately, a garage door opener has advanced safety features. So, if your pet, an object, or a person touches the door's sensors as the door lowers, the opener may automatically trigger your door's reversal. This improves garage door operation safety.

Garage door openers provide convenience, safety, flexible lock system options, and security. Contact a local garage door service to learn more about garage door opener installation.