Recognizing Garage Door Issues

5 Clear Signs It Is Time For Commercial Garage Door Repair

by Billy Olson

Commercial garage doors are a crucial component of any business's infrastructure. They provide a secure entrance and exit for employees, customers, deliveries, and more. It is important to keep these doors in good working order by regularly maintaining and repairing them when needed. Here are five clear signs that it's time for commercial garage door repair:

1. Obstruction

If you notice that the garage door seems to be stuck or obstructed when trying to open or close it, it may be time for professional commercial garage door repair. This could be caused by a mechanical issue like worn-out rollers or hinges, an obstruction on the tracks, or other issues that can cause the door not to move properly.

2. Noises

If your commercial garage door is making more noise than usual when opening and closing, it could be time for repair. This can include grinding or squeaking noises that are louder than normal, which could be caused by damaged rollers or worn-out tracks. Additionally, if you hear a loud thump or bang when the door opens and closes, there may be an issue with the springs.

3. Difficulty Closing

If your garage door is having difficulty closing all the way to the floor or not staying closed, this may indicate a problem with the tension spring system or other parts of its mechanism that need repairing. It is important to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure security and prevent further damage from occurring.

4. Damage

If you notice any physical damage to the door such as dents, scratches, or rusting, it could be time for professional commercial garage door repair. Even small amounts of damage can lead to bigger issues if they are left untreated. Additionally, check the weatherstripping around the edges of your door and ensure that there are no signs of wear or tear.

5. Warped

If you notice that your commercial garage door is warping or bowing, it may be time for repairs. This could be caused by the weather and other environmental factors, as well as general wear and tear over time. It's important to address this issue immediately, as a warped door can lead to further damage if left untreated.

Commercial garage doors are an important part of any business's infrastructure and need regular maintenance and repairs when necessary. Paying attention to these five signs can ensure that your door remains safe and secure at all times. If you notice any of these signs of trouble with your commercial garage door, contact a professional repair service right away in order to get it back in working order. Proper maintenance and repairs can help avoid costly replacements in the future, so it is important to address any issues quickly and correctly.

For more information about garage door repair, contact a local business.